Thirroul Beach Kiosk Refurbishment

Thirroul Beach Kiosk  
Refurbishment of existing beach kiosk and pavilion      

Project Value $2,620,000

Momentum Built has completed another successful project for our client Wollongong City Council, Thirroul Beach Kiosk. During the course of the project, various challenges were overcome – major structural modifications were required due to failing load bearing walls in heritage significant building. Momentum Built works also included a new drainage system and water tanks, re-configuring the internal walls, glass balustrades to allow for beach front dining and renovating the toilets and change rooms. Our construction expertise enabled us to provide our client with solutions and paved the way for successful completion.

The original scope of work for the refurbishment of the existing beach kiosk and pavilion included but is not limited the demolition & excavation including  the removal of asbestos materials, existing walls, windows, doors and concrete floors to bathroom, the removal and storage of existing timber floor to be re used. Removal of male and female toilet finishes and fixtures, removal of existing render as per heritage report and the excavation of the footings and structural support to new and existing structure.

Refurbishment works included upgrade of the existing male and female toilet areas; upgrade of the existing change rooms and new accessible unisex toilet and shower. Silicon injection to sections of the base of the building to prevent rising damp. Electrical and plumbing fit off and concrete works, prepare existing kitchen area for new finishes.

The works also include the replacement of all bathroom fixtures, installation of new tiles, window grilles, doors, security lighting, shower partitions and the render of sections of the building and paint of the entire building. In addition, works include new services and the installation of an underground rainwater holding tanks for water recycling. This project also includes rectification works of existing sub floor area as per engineers report.

During the silicon injection works to eliminate rising damp it was realized that the salt air had broken down all brick mortar to load bearing walls. As a result of this latent condition all existing internal and external walls had to be rebuilt, including heritage significant parapet walls. This involved and working with the project structural engineer and client in the propping process to support the existing roof structure followed by the staged demolition and rebuild of existing walls, parapets and concrete lintels. Due to the heritage significance of the building we were required to undertake a detailed heritage report including detailed survey of existing building to ensure when it was rebuilt it matched the existing structure and details.

The project was completed to our client, Wollongong City Councils, high satisfaction, especially the cooperative manner in which we dealt with the extensive latent condition.

Refer to the below link for a recent story in the Illawarra Mercury.

Below is a video of the site before works commence below are images once project was completed.